Reality Created By The Blows Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe represent the desire to receive pleasure which feels that it exists by receiving small “injections,” blows of Light. These small blows create the perception of reality within us by painting an internal image of reality in which we perceive the people that surround us, the air, the world, and ourselves.

All of this arises from the small blows experienced by our desire to receive pleasure. And then it receives an impression as if it exists together with the surrounding reality. If the desire did not receive these small “injections” hitting it, it would neither perceive itself, its reality, nor its environment. This is the way it exists. And there is nothing else beside it: the will to enjoy that receives small blows from the Light.

The Light imposes the tiniest blows inside the desire to receive pleasure without a single conscious reaction on the desire’s behalf; this is the state we are in. When the desire becomes capable of developing a reaction to the upper Light, that is, becomes more sensitive to these blows and raises its sensitivity towards them, it wishes to no longer receive them, resists them, and intends to push the Light back one way or another, hit it back. This is called a “screen.”

And then by virtue of my resistance, opposition, and clashes I begin to attain Who is doing this to me, what for, what He wants from me, and what I can attain through this. This is our entire work: the desire to receive pleasure and the blows, clashes with the Light.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Dear Rav
    how important is it to grasp that the whole of reality is inside of us only?

    should we strive to connect the desires we know as external with those we attribute to ourselves?

  2. Dear Rav
    Are the friends my point in the heart? does linking my desire to theirs reveal bestowal?
    thanks !!!!!!!!

  3. I agree. This is probably why they coined the term “reality bites” or “the truth hurts”..and, why a lot of people don’t change unless they have a traumatic event happen in their lives to wake them up. Or, they just get a dose or reality somehow and then they start seeing things differently. I know this is how it is for me! Seeking the truth in things or given a dose of reality and things straighten out really fast! 🙂

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