Who Will Serve Whom?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are created with the desire to receive pleasure, and in order to correct this desire, our intention must be “for the sake of bestowal.” By doing so we correct ourselves and attain the purpose of creation: total adhesion with the Creator. But to attain correction, we must unite with the force of bestowal.

The force of bestowal is called Bina, and the force of reception is referred to as Malchut. These two forces of bestowal and reception have to enter one another. When they unite, then according to the combinational analysis of these two forces, it creates four outcomes: Malchut in Malchut, Malchut in Bina, Bina in Bina, and Bina in Malchut.

If Bina enters Malchut, it creates an evil force because Bina falls under the reign of Malchut. Malchut rules over it and dominates it, making Bina its slave. This state created all evil forces in the world.

Sometimes these forces pretend to be good in order to lure and bribe a person and then draw him into evil. This is a special sly, egoistic force (Klipa), contained within Malchut. With the help of this force Malchut conquers Bina and begins to use it. It is written that no evil can exist in the world unless it initially pretended to be good. This is how the evil forces operate, and for this reason they exist.

If it is simply Malchut, then it is a simple desire to receive such as the still, vegetative, animate world and human, in whom only the forces of the still, vegetative and animate levels are at work. That is, it is a simple human who’s living a primitive corporeal life.

When Bina is present in a person’s desire to receive pleasure, that person becomes very smart and cunning. He knows how to help you and give to you, and then exploits you to the fullest. These are very evil forces caused by the inclusion of Bina into Malchut: the forces of bestowal that have fallen under the rule of egoism.

Opposite inclusion occurs when a person uses his own efforts to elevate Malchut into Bina. Then he connects to Bina because he wants to enter it and become a slave, an inseparable part of the force of bestowal, like a fetus in the mother’s womb. Bina is called Ima Ilaa (the upper mother). That is, he wants to develop only through connecting and being guided and protected by the force of bestowal, the Creator. Then, good forces are created, which choose parts of the egoistic desire and gradually correct them from within.
From the Lesson on Weekly Torah Portion 6/27/2011

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  1. Thank you. This is a very clear explanation of forces I see.

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