Most People Have A Slave Mentality

Opinion: (Ivan Dykhovichniy, actor, director, and screenwriter, “Over the past 20 years a new breed of humans has grown, human mutants….

“It took a long time, 15-20 years, to create this new breed of mutants. These people, perhaps, are not at fault. They have no feeling of reciprocity, do not understand what they do, and have no genetic sense of responsibility…. When people have no concept of good and bad, they cannot be helped. I am halted by a police officer, and he cannot be reasoned with, he doesn’t reciprocate. He can take my license away, demand money, and it’s pointless to explain anything to him. All power structures: SWAT units, police, and suchlike are a specially-bred species who have no conscience. This is a huge army of people. They understand that they are uncontrollable. The state does not pay them, so they rob us. That’s the morality everywhere. Moreover, they cannot be reproached.

And nobody has taken any steps to become normal again.”

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