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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is bestowal?

Answer: Bestowal is called the state when I accept your desires as mine and begin to fulfill them. In other words, my desire exists solely to generate fulfillment for your desire. This means that in relation to you, I perform the action of bestowal, that I love you.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, we study that in the entire reality there are only two components: desire and fulfillment. Thus, the still, vegetative, and animate natures are created. Our cells, molecules, atoms, thoughts, and force fields act from the desire (the need for fulfillment) to fulfillment.

This is manifested at different levels: biological, physical, in thoughts and desires. There is nothing in nature apart from deficiency and fulfillment. So, if I turn myself into a device of your fulfillment, this means that I bestow to you.

Thereby, we unite: I connect with you, and you can do the same in relation to me. We build the place between ourselves in which we can reveal the upper Light, the ultimate fulfillment: you from me and me from you. This is called the sensation of spiritual life.
From Lesson 1, Convention in Spain, 6/3/2011

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  1. What is the desire I must recognize in my friend in order to Bestow?

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