Kabbalists On The Torah And Commandments, Part 41

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

Only the Light in the Torah Reforms the Person

The Torah [the method of our correction] we engage in is in order to subdue the evil inclination [egoism], to attain Dvekut [adhesion] with the Creator: that all one’s actions will be solely in order to bestow [as He does]. Alone, it is impossible that one will able to [correct himself or simply] go against nature since the matter of mind [thoughts] and heart [desires] in which one must be complemented [in the direction of love and bestowal toward others], necessitates receiving assistance, and that assistance is through the Torah [the Light that corrects], as our sages said, “I have created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice.” This is so because while engaging in It [to correct oneself], the Light in it reforms them.
– Rabash, The Rungs of the Ladder, “What Is Torah and Work on the Path of the Creator”

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  1. Shalom Rav
    How can one be complemented in the mind and the heart? I feel that I barely controll neither my thoughts nor my mind.
    What is the role of the group in this particular case?

    Arvut from Switzerland

    Martin Immanuel

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