Forerunners Of The Modern Crisis: A Short Study From The Beginning Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about the entire reality. Starting from the very beginning of development, it takes us through all its stages to completion.

The initial point is the upper force called “nature” or “the Creator.” Having no idea about anything preceding it, we come to know it as a mother. There was nothing before it. Our history commences from the moment when the upper force began to create the levels of matter: still, vegetative, animate, and speaking.

Firstly, it used its own force to form supporting forces that comprise and make it. These forces immediately divided into two: the matter of creation and the force of the Creator, in other words, plus and minus, light and darkness that affect matter to impart development to it. Under the influence of these two forces, matter started to react, respond, experience sensations, and thereby evolve.

One of these two forces called the “right line” is filled with the nature of the Creator, love and bestowal and as a result, is able to give life to matter. The other force is the force of egoism, opposite to the Creator and acting as if in spite of Him. However, in reality, both of these forces operate according to the upper program.

The Creator acts from above with His single force that is divided into two: the forces of bestowal and reception. Our matter is between them. Thus, these two forces put us into motion. They affect matter and stimulate its development on the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels.

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In the beginning this development affects only the forces that gradually form matter, until matter doesn’t reach the final stage. Then matter explodes. Thanks to this explosion, a unique event takes place. The two forces, the plus and the minus, mix together. Previously, they worked on matter from both sides, and now they come to the breaking, become included in each other, and coexist in matter, blended together to such an extent that it’s impossible to tell them apart like in a big mess.

Until now, the process took place only at the level of forces, thought, and program. However, now the force turns into the matter of this world. Primarily, the place for our space appeared as a result of the Big Bang. Earlier, there was no room for our universe. Then, matter started developing from the spark of spiritual energy, from one small point of Light. This tiny particle of spiritual Light was enough to create matter for the entire universe.

Further, during its development, matter created galaxies, the Solar System, and the planet Earth where we are growing along the same lines, on the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels, parallel to spiritual development.

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As a result, at the fourth level of development, the force of the Creator and its opposite force finally mix, and we find ourselves in the current situation.

Preparation is over. From now on, we have to check what to do next. We have two forces mingled with each other. They completed their development and bump into each other within us so much that we don’t know what to do. We feel bad.

Here, we find the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method allowing us to balance and unite these two forces, establishing equilibrium and harmony between them.
From the 2nd lesson at the Rome Convention on 5/21/11

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