Every Ascent Starts With A Reboot

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The world group contains a great desire that we can work with, but how do we penetrate within?

Answer: We are still lacking mutual guarantee. That’s the problem. Everyone has a desire, but we still don’t feel total interconnection, when any hole in the common boat sinks it to the bottom. Obviously, the Creator is helping us with it since we can’t plug all the holes ourselves. It is written: “Turn to Me, and I will repay.” However, later on, He will pass this work down do us, and we will repay Him the debt.

Hence, we lack the sensation of interdependency, the necessity to care for everyone. I am supposed to feel concerned and worried about everyone staying unified, as a mother cares for her children’s health and well-being. Caring in a person’s heart will help others and return to him amplified manifold.

After all, the group is a very powerful amplifier. In response to my caring, the friends envelop me in it. The more I contribute to the group, the more the group enhances my attitude and returns it to me manifold. I aim my thoughts at the friends yet again, adding my contribution to what I have received from them.

How do I work on this desire? I fall half way. The Creator trips me, and all of the sudden, having the group back me up with such a wonderful and powerful desire, I start ignoring my wealth. After all, I received such a burning inspiration from the friends that there is no more room for my personal effort. Where am I then, if everything comes from them?

Therefore, in order for me to put my share in, I am given a descent. Out of necessity, I start climbing up as if I am trying to get out of a hole; I fall and keep climbing up again until I reach the surface. Once more, I put forth my effort into the friends.

It’s hard to keep trying since it’s all gone as if I hadn’t gotten anything from them in the first place. What has caused this “reboot?” The point is that I have ascended to a new degree. Now I start at a zero on it, but it’s the zero degree of the new level, a higher one than my previous state.

Obviously, it is first presented to me as an even greater darkness. There are even more obstacles and egoism at this new level since I rose higher, to my more powerful, uncorrected desires. Thus, I continue on my spiritual path.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/21/2011, Writings of Rabash

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