A World War Or A World Guarantee?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah in the world much more actively so that people, influenced by common thought and collective desire, would understand it sooner. After all, attainment, understanding, and thoughts move from one to another. Thereby, we can hasten our development by way of the environment and buy a lot of time.

Thanks to our common effort and mutual assistance which is regarded as a “guarantee,” we will reach the point when we will demand change. The upper force will be revealed, and with its help, we will rise above egoism, exit “Egypt.”

This is how it will be for the Kabbalistic group as well as all of humanity. If the upper force does not unfold in the world, if there is no chance to reform ourselves with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we will switch to the path of correction accompanied by tremendous suffering, including world wars.

The Creator hates egoistic bodies and is willing to do anything in order to break our ego, including the most dramatic events that have already happened in history. Man faces two paths of correction for egoistic desire: the path of the Light (Achishena, hastening time) and the path of natural progression by suffering (Beito, “in its time”).

We either will have to experience how much hate nature, the Creator, is dropping on our egoistic desire, or we will develop the same kind of irreconcilable hate toward our egoistic nature on our own, within ourselves.

We need to reach the state of a “cry,” after which the Creator, the Light, will reveal itself and reform our intention from egoistic to altruistic. Until this state has been reached, we need to come to the conclusion that there isn’t a worse state than this, and we are not going to stay in our ego another moment. The question is, though, how we will come to this state: by suffering the blows or by scrutiny.

The result, however, is only one: I do not agree to tolerate my ego any longer, and I hate it more than anything in the world: “I’d rather be dead than living this kind of life.” If I feel through to the depth of my egoism like this, the Light will start working on me.

Everything takes place according to the laws of nature. I can’t just maker a louder cry and draw the Light thereby. We are faced with a strict law, the upper Light, and undergo specific states, stage by stage, when the Light starts working according to the order of the spiritual degrees, the Lights and desires that unfold in them.

Therefore, it’s pointless to sit and wait until it happens on its own. It never will. Before anything else, we need a desire for correction, total hate for our egoism. We will definitely come to it, either by way of pain or by way of the Light, one or the other. Then, the Creator will reveal Himself and reform us.

There was a time when only the few chosen ones were capable of such a correction, but today the entire group, even the entire world in general will go through it. Yet, we must pass through the same degrees and the same states.

However, when there are many people, they can assist and support each other and come to a collective revelation. Because all of them are connected, everything that one person feels and understands is passed on to the other. Thus, thanks to the guarantee, one can very quickly reach general understanding and experience, and decide that we have to rise above egoism.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/2011, Shamati No. 19

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  1. “Everything takes place according to the laws of nature. I can’t just maker a louder cry and draw the Light thereby… Therefore, it’s pointless to sit and wait until it happens on its own. It never will.”

    I’m not understanding your statement here. It seems like you are saying that on the one hand, everything happens beyond our control, yet you are also saying that we can’t let things happen on their own. Please clarify.

  2. yes…i agree…

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