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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My sensations and spiritual states are reflected on the reality that I observe all around me. Does that mean that I can judge the internality based on the externality?

Answer: Not at all! As it is said: “The world lives according to a plan.” In the corporeal world I go through various states and relationships; some are more pleasant than others, but I cannot label them with “spiritual tags.”

I have to hold onto my spiritual goal above all the sensations of the corporeal world. Even if the Creator does something awful to me, I still have to hold onto this grip. I am unaware of what happens and why it is happening to me. I am linked with other souls, events, and states that I have no clue about.

Today I still lack a sensation of the whole system that allows me to research these matters. It is silly for me to think that I can trace a connection between spirituality and corporeality. I am not an expert in either of them.

No research tools are available to me at this time: I don’t possess the intellect, sensitivity, or insight. I cannot observe the upper system (world), the lower system (world), nor can I trace any connection between them. It is still very far away from me. I don’t comprehend it at even the simplest spiritual level. I cannot understand it yet because it is based on annulling one’s ego. I am unable to clarify this since I don’t have such a desire yet, even though I wish to be included in the upper system.

What do I have except egoism? Is there anything I have to attain except bestowal? For that, I have to annul my ego and conduct internal work in the group with my friends. We build our inner unity to obtain a common strength that exists outside of each of us and belongs to us all.

Why do I fantasize about the hidden spiritual essence of an illness, family or financial problems, or conflicts with my boss? It is silly! I am not ready for these kinds of calculations yet.

A new computer is only a piece of metal until I install the operational system, turn it on, run the programs, and enter data. Only when I familiarize myself with the software will I be able to start working with it.

We don’t have the Kelim (the computer) so far, not to mention the software! That’s why we cannot comprehend the internality by observing the externality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/2010, Writings of Rabash

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