Who Decides: Desire Or The Light?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly after we have applied all the efforts to unite with each other can we hasten our development and return to the authentic and corrected sensation of reality in order to wake up from this dream, this concealment, in which we exist. We can go by the path of suffering, but it is not development! We do not arrive at an autonomous desire to return to the Light, to the state of adhesion with Him in which we once existed in the world of Infinity.

We have to come back to the world of Infinity and merge with the Creator into one whole, but we must do so by our own desire and by ourselves. It shouldn’t be as it was earlier when, not having the intention, we were under the rule of the Light which sustained our connection with its force, in spite of the complete opposition of our desires. The Light simply filled us without our agreement: This is how we existed in similarity to it, being supported by its force.

But now we have to come to it by our own authority. First, there has be the desire and then its contact with the Light. In the initial State 1, the Light precedes the Kli (vessel). In the final State 3, when we return to that very same unified soul, the desire precedes the Light.

And all the sufferings and afflictions that push us forward do not result in real advancement; we do not correct anything thereby. After all, we haven’t done anything ourselves. And only if we try to act ourselves, meaning to work on our unification which we reach against our egoistic desire, against our resistance, only then our efforts are regarded as our contribution to correction.

Hence, the Light will never concede and allow us to progress without our free participation and the yearning to return to the state of unity. We ourselves have to decide that we are returning to bestowal—to the degree that we unite against the force of the breaking, which dwells among us.

A person has to understand that within his efforts to unite with the others he will find everything: the force of separation, breaking, and hatred, as well as the force to overcome this division: the force of love and connection. And only such actions go toward his account and draw him closer to the final correction. They are the only indication of his progress.

In any situation, we need to try to see ourselves as one man with one heart who represents our collective soul.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/11 Preparation for the WE! Convention

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