What Can I Give To The Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt first we evolve by absorbing desires of all the others, by envying their aspiration, effort, and work. But gradually, under the influence of the collective work, our desires change, and we start feeling that unity, caring for others, and absorbing their desires is a very special state.

It is the Light that evokes these changes in us since on our own, we cannot change. We think that we keep doing the same thing, pass through the same states, and nothing really changes day by day. But desires evolve in four stages, and being influenced by the Light, they begin to change.

The final destination, the state which already exists in the plan of creation, is “inscribed” in the Light. Therefore, the Light, which expands from the very first, root stage and affects our desire from there, instills in it all the changes that are already placed in the desire created by this Light. Hence, don’t despair! Just remember it.

Afterward, having gained experience, everyone starts to feel that he or she is in the field of constant influence. Even when it seems that nothing is changing, this field still evokes processes and transformations in our desires in four stages of HaVaYaH.

Thus, we first come to a Kabbalistic group as consumers, wishing to employ it for our egoistic goals: make decisions, rule, and satisfy our ambitions. And this stage of development should be utilized to give people an opportunity to advance to a certain point, as long as it doesn’t harm the society. After all, we start with egoism, and from egoism (Lo Lishma, not for Her name) we come to bestowal (Lishma, for Her name).

And then, a person undergoes the next stage and starts to understand that unification itself has a unique value and is much more exalted than simply using the others. In truth, if he thinks about the well-being of all others, it will advance him much closer to the Creator. Thus the Light works on us, causing such transformations in us.

As a result, a person starts working with the society solely in order to delight the Creator. After all, it is the only opportunity we possess to perform any act of bestowal. We have nothing to give to the Creator, but we can take advantage of His love to the created beings and bestow to them, thereby actualizing His love.

If a person asks for grace, meaning bestowal, and desires to be able to bestow to the others, in doing so, he or she gives the Creator a chance to bestow to them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/3/2011, Writings of Rabash

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