Wake Up

Dr. Michael LaitmanLet me tell you a secret, but it’s only between you and me. Listen: We live in a marvelous, fantastic world. Everything is wonderful; there is only goodness, peace, and conciliation anywhere you look. But you don’t feel any of this. You are turned off, lying unconscious without any feeling or sparkle.

Why? It’s because your reality is one-sided. Without connecting to its opposite, you don’t feel anything. That’s because you were created, and creation cannot discern light without darkness.

Motionless and impassible, you exist in the Creator. So how can He reveal this wonderful world to you – or in other words, reveal Himself? How can the Creator reveal Himself to you?

There is just one means: to disrupt your sleep with a drop of evil so that by tasting it, you would wake up and find yourself in infinite goodness. And that is what He is doing.

Otherwise you would remain without feeling forever. You would not be able to assess your state, measure it, or understand where you are and who you are. You wouldn’t have any ground beneath your feet.

Through the dream you hear and hope that it is possible to draw a connection to that eternal foundation in which you exist, to place yourself in constant dependence on it and no matter what happens, to measure and check your sensations only by it.

When you do this, everything sorts itself out for you and there is no evil in your world. That’s because everything that becomes revealed to you, all the opposite, dark contours are only meant to emphasize and highlight goodness and light in your eyes.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/11 on Global Education

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