The Unity Of People Is The Summit Of Balance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the connection between the natural balance and the unification of people?

Answer: The unification of people is the highest form of balance in nature. In general, the natural balance is the integration of all of its forces. In the end they all become expressed in man, on the human level.

The true problem is not in the environment around us, not the tsunami, the earthquakes, the volcano eruptions or explosions in the sun, and not the problems in the vegetative and animate levels of nature, and not even the diseases of our bodies. The entire problem lies on the human level – its imbalance or balance covers all the other forces operating below. By balancing ourselves out, we will balance out all the rest of nature from the still to the animate levels.

Man is not supposed to do this instinctively or by force, but consciously, aware, by his own desire, in spite of his own temperament and his own nature, in spite of the extremely powerful forces of hatred, passion, pride, and love of power. That is how he builds himself. It doesn’t happen by balancing the forces of nature around him, but his own inner forces, his essence.

After all, I am the one who hates, I want to lie, steal, kill, and all the rest. In the end, I want to rule over others in various ways. But then I form my new self in balance with this aspiration. I build an inner model of a balanced state of two opposite forces, which is called my “soul.”

Through the prism of this balance I already look at the world differently. I acquire a new perspective. I no longer want to use the world to satisfy my desires, but on the contrary, from my balance I look for balance in it. Then I see that the whole world is balanced. It turns out that the whole world, inside and outside, is a balanced expression of two forces.

That is how I attain peace and conciliation. The state I experience is the soul filled by the clothing of the upper Light. The sensation of balance of two forces gives me a new reality.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/28/11 on Global Education

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