The Solution Is Between Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion from Japan: What should our inner work be in emergency situations? While I watch the lessons, the quakes are going on non-stop.

Answer: During these days we have to focus on unity even more and be confident that precisely by virtue of our inner efforts will we be able to prevent similar catastrophes in the world, both in Japan and in all the regions where people are now suffering.

Why do they suffer? Why don’t they advance toward correction by the right path? Why don’t they awaken and come out into the streets shouting, “The Messiah now!”? Stated differently, why don’t they demand correction, change, a new state?

Why do they instead shout for a change in government? How will this help them? No one will be any better off if this happens, not even if the Libyan dictator steps down. The resulting gap will be filled by Islamic radicalism or some other party, but this will be just blind psychological compensation. In practice people won’t feel better. This is still the path of suffering.

In recent times the world is swiftly acquiring more weapons. We are renewing the arms race that was halted before, as if we want to compete at how strong we are. But how silly it is to quarrel like little children! Yet, look at how much energy and resources this is taking away.

As a result, everything depends on us, on all of our friends across the whole world who have received a drive to be corrected. We have to unite from within and feel that we are one whole. Then, by wishing to unite the whole world into one, we will help others come closer as well. After all, they are a passive part of ourselves. They are unable to come closer on their own, until we present them with the opportunity to connect to us.

Once a person receives an awakening, a point in the heart, he will come to us and will join all those who activate and accelerate development, adapting the speed of their work to the speed at which new Reshimot emerge. Then no forces, tsunamis, revolutions, wars, and others such things will force us to advance in a negative manner.

Everything depends on our efforts, on the degree to which we work on unification. There is no other solution for the world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/11

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  1. Thank your Dr. Laitman.

  2. Thanks Dr. Latiman. Very important that the speed and timing of correction becomes 100% aligned. Every instruction and communicating it globally of the utmost importance. That which is a danger and hiding underground must be exposed. More lightworkers who are not afraid must do the work.

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