The Depth Of The Point

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator created the desire to receive in the form of a point and wants to bring this desire to self-realization by means of successive actions. It is only possible to get to know something as a result of knowing the opposite.

Consequently, the desire to receive must come to know itself and the Creator, one from the other. In other words, it must come to know the original, fundamental nature of the desire to bestow as well as the nature of the created being, the desire to receive, which was intentionally created as opposite to bestowal.

Originally, the created being is deprived of any understanding and realization of either. It represents a point which is only slightly different from the Creator, and that is why it is called “existence from absence,” while the Creator is “existence from existence.” That’s all there is to the created being. It can attain everything else from this point: as compared to the Creator. While developing in relation to the Creator, the upper Light, the quality of bestowal, the created being finally sees itself as maximally opposite to Him.

Its growth is an ever deeper knowledge, understanding, attainment. The point remains the same. It does not change in any way besides the fact that it gains a deeper and deeper realization of how opposite it is to the Light. Attaining this depth, it becomes a terrible “monster,” an evil inclination, reaching the greatness of the Light in its opposition to it.

The point attains all of this in depth, revealing a fathomless gap between itself and the Creator. It is impossible to throw a bridge over this abyss. In essence, the point attains how much it is cut off from the Light.

This means that it is growing in its perception, understanding, and attainment. It is growing negatively, revealing its own oppositeness to bestowal.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/2011, The Principles of Global Education

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  1. Does the process of evolution of the creature involve first a greater realization of it’s evil nature, then acceptance of its nature and inspite of it be able to feel love of others and not act by its evil inclination?

    Will the creature’s nature ever change to be like the Creator’s? or is he destined to forerver have to repress it ?

  2. At first it seemed to me that all the partzufim were new creation, but as ” Malchut is the only creation of the Creator, I understand that the partzufim are not creations or different creatures but just a system for correction”.
    so it means that the partzufim, the worlds and us are located inside malchut of Einsof.
    As all the worlds are inside malchut of Einsof (the creature opposit to the Creator, the more egoistic Creature) it means that all the partsufim are as egoistic as Malchut of Einsof and all as far from the Creator than Malchut of Einsof and so the partsufim of galgalta is not less egoistic that the partsufim of Atik, for example?

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