Stop Groping In The Dark

Dr. Michael LaitmanPhilosophy may be dangerous for humanity since it doesn’t stop at the boundary where our sensory organs and all other devices no longer work. It goes further to make conclusions about what lies in the area of spirituality based solely on insinuations and thereby misses the truth.

What is being implied here is not philosophy as a subject studied in universities, but any approach to life invented by man, which isn’t grounded in real facts. There is a great philosopher in each of us, and we should fight this approach.

It’s enough to look at the crisis that the world is experiencing in all kinds of forms. We don’t have what it takes to handle the evolving world and possess no evidence to support yet another new method that we attempt to apply to it, which is also regarded as “philosophy.” One person offers a formula to correct the world, while another suggests another way to do the same. However, how do they know it will work?

Usually, a decision is made out of desperation in order to give it a try in case it might work, while it has no true foundation. In a similar manner, some time ago, there was one such attempt to build a society of total justice in Russia from one unfounded theory that had no factual support.

On the other hand, if we are constantly progressing toward the unknown, how can we advance otherwise? We have no chance to examine what we haven’t achieved yet. However, it is impossible to actualize something without trying. So, how can humanity evolve on solid, scientific ground toward future states that it hasn’t yet reached and only wishes to come to?

Obviously, in this case, all our advancement will lean solely on philosophy, the hope that there will be some result in the end. That is exactly what we see when looking back at the entire course of human history up until today.

We progressed while following philosophy: form not clothed in matter. Time after time, we guessed how it could work and then tried to implement it in life, only to err yet again. That was the customary form of our advancement, by way of trial and error up to today. After all, the future form is never revealed beforehand.

Only now we have reached such a condition that we are able to unveil our future forms. They are revealed in our interconnection. If we manage to disclose them in advance, we will have no difficulty in succeeding.

After we learn to see the changes unfolding within us in the spiritual form, we will be able to actualize them in the material world, in our human society, as well. Then, we won’t have to advance by being struck and experiencing pain, by trial and error. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah offers man.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/2010, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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