"Reward According To The Effort"

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I’m a loner by nature. And I have doubts about going to the convention where I am expected to connect and unite with other people, which is something I do not want.

Answer: I promise you that you can go to the convention and remain there alone, be an observer. But even this kind of effort is very beneficial: to come there and feel yourself unconnected to anyone.

Let this inner battle happen: Do I want to unite, am I with everyone, do they influence me, did I do the right thing by coming here, or would it have been better to stay home? All the doubts and inner analysis that a person experiences being at the convention with his body, but not the soul, and seeing how others are able to connect while he remains aside, all of it constitutes spiritual self-analysis. If he does not go through this, he will never reveal his nature, the Creator’s anti-nature, and he will have nothing to correct.

The object of correction is that very rejection, alienation, an empty vacuum that we reveal between us. In other words, I have absolutely no desire to connect with others, to be tied with or in any way dependent on them; I want nothing from them, and they better demand nothing of me.

We begin to perform our corrections in this empty vacuum that becomes revealed to us. And it is impossible to advance without having made several attempts of physical participation. There is no need to look for excuses: “Not now, I will go next time.” There will not be another chance, and the calculation here is very simple: “reward according to the effort.”

This is why our work is to rise above our rational calculations and stop making up excuses for not coming, such as personal characteristics, work, or family conditions. Try to rid yourself of all the secondary things and look the truth in the eyes: You have a chance, so make sure you are not misleading yourself by thinking that you are unable to take it.
From the Lesson on Inner Preparation for the WE! Convention 3/10/2011

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