Kabbalah Moments: Nothing To Hide

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  1. NothingTo Hide
    Q: Like we’ve learned, there is the kind of connection which is above my corporeal ego where I have to connect with that vary inclination of anyone who thrives, aspires us for bestowal and there is a connection on the simple corporeal level. So on what level do we explain connection on the higher level or…?

    A: The first of all we explain the connection in the means of us having to eventually reach a state how each one of will feel the other, as a part of themselves.

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    That’s called the global world. There’s nothing to hide here. That’s is not that I am thinking about how not to touch you, and you not to touch me, correct politics and so on. No, it is not about that. We are talking about connection. About the most inner part of me. So don’t talk about souls. Speak about desire, and thought, and everything. Even though, I reject that.

    And the Nature demands that of us.

    Is there something wrong with my understanding or 
is there something wrong within the translation?

    “We are talking about connection. About the most inner part of me. So don’t talk about souls.”

    Correct me if I am wrong?

    We are talking about the connection. About the most inner part of me, spiritual me, then suddenly statement like that: “So don’t talk about souls” clashes between my ears.

    Our souls, that is where and what, we connect, on the spiritual level not the corporeal.
 Desire, thought, everything is alive until the body is alive. When the body is dead there is no desire, no thought, there is no everything only soul which at the precise moment of death is absorbed by the Spirit.

    The soul of the body is actually connected with the Spirit all the time.

    The body is alive and active in thought, desire and everything as said in the Bible, … until you return to the earth from which you were consecrated, for dust you are and to dust you shall return.” (Genesis 3:19 (2, 3))

    And the soul by the end of the corporeal life connects – returns to the Spirit, to the Source.

    So, let’s talk about the connection of our souls! Shall we?

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