Instructions For Lighting A Spiritual Spark

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can already rise and enter the spiritual reality for moments in time, even before we permanently begin to live there—everything only depends on the strength of the connection between us. When we reach a certain minimal level required for the perception of the spiritual world, we will feel how we approach and enter it.

Kabbalists give us precise advice on what to do in order for us not to wander around in darkness, by touch searching for the proper connection that would allow us to reach the spiritual world (because for now we do not feel or understand it, but operate according to our egoism instead).

We collect all these advices and try to use them to form a method that is more suitable for our time, conditions, and qualities. It is impossible to penetrate spirituality by individual strength.

That same spark of Light that erupted from the spiritual world and created our entire Universe and us in it needs to change us. It births a spiritual vessel out of our “point in the heart,” the spiritual spark placed in each one of us.

That big spark has separated into a multitude of tiny sparks, and each one of us has a part of it. We need to grow it. We need the Light to influence and develop us, raise us, like a full body grows from a drop of semen, beginning with an embryo, to a small person, and then an adult. But the problem is that we do not know how to evoke the influence of the Light upon us.

This is why we need to follow the advice of Kabbalists as closely as possible; this is the entire secret to success. Just follow the instructions and move a point at a time, and you will eventually come to a place when you will “activate” this mechanism, and it will suddenly begin to work!
From Lesson 2 Metzoke Dragot Congress 2/25/2011

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