How Do I Overcome My Nature?

Dr. Michael LaitmanMany people think that spirituality is an ordinary method to fulfill oneself. A person thinks that very soon the Creator will be revealed to him, and then he will be able to get the whole world at his feet. But it is a false idea because in truth, spirituality is bestowal.

In other words, I am fulfilled not by what is being revealed to me, but rather, if I open myself correctly, I get filled with bestowal. After all, the Light never enters a Kli, desire, directly but only when dressed in the Reflected Light. Hence, I must become a giver and enjoy bestowal. But how do I accomplish that?

To achieve this, a person needs the environment that would influence him so that he would think that bestowal is a very profound, exalted property, that it is fulfillment. Everybody must elevate the value of bestowal in the eyes of the friend, passing to him his part of the mutual guarantee thereby. And then, thanks his awareness of the importance of this goal, a person receives illumination that assists him in spiritual advancement.

But on top of that, a person must understand that it is a game since from his present condition, he cannot see the goal. And hence, all of this work is regarded as ascending to the state which for now is unclear, imperceptible to him, opposite to what he is able to comprehend today. In other words, a person should constantly think about the importance of some false goal. But it is false only for him because it opposes his egoistic desire.

Therefore, the environment must educate a person, provide the correct scale of values for him, and be fairly strong in order to override his egoistic nature. As to the person, he must assist his environment, lower himself before it, submit to, and literally dissolve in it. And then he will be able to receive from it the importance of the goal, despite his ego that unfolds in him more and more.

Otherwise, he won’t be able to advance since there are two forces that participate in it: the force that rejects and one that attracts. The force of rejection, resistance, surfaces naturally: It is his ego. And the question lies only in whether he will manage to oppose it with the force greater in value, the force of the environment that will draw him into spirituality.

Therefore, everyone must be preoccupied with how to arrange the right environment for oneself. This is what is implied in what Rabash describes as: “We have gathered here to rise to the degree of man.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/2011, Writings of Rabash

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