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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator becomes revealed through various forms of bestowal, but He becomes revealed in us, in the receiving desire. Otherwise we would not feel those forms. They come from above, but we must accept them and become similar to them from below, from our end.

This makes all the great difference. We have a similar example in our world when we understand, see, feel, and taste something, but then we have to replicate it ourselves. There is great work contained in this. In the spiritual world Ima lowers her lower part into Zeir Anpin and gives him an example with her Reflected Light (Ohr Hozer). When the upper one acts that way, the lower one cannot fail because he sees a ready-made example.

In the same way, we give small children tested, reliable examples that do not allow them to make mistakes. But when a child wants to replicate what we have shown him on his own, this is already a problem. He makes a mistake and sees that he must first acquire strength and knowledge.

Analogous processes happen in the spiritual world. Even though the Creator gives us examples and even though all the levels come from Above, they come in the opposite form. They lack our efforts, connected both to the desire and the understanding, meaning efforts in the heart and the mind.

Only by adding our efforts in the desire and the mind do we realize the examples given by the upper one, thus turning them from darkness to Light. After all, at first they are immersed into darkness for us because we feel that we are unable to do this ourselves. Rabash writes about this in the article, “The inclusion of the quality of mercy into judgment.”

The Creator is called a “sage” because He has the Light of Hochma and all the necessary forces. A person who takes an example from the Creator is called “the student of a sage” because he copies the Creator’s forms of bestowal.

However, we have to understand that this is not just copying an action. First of all, we have to agree to take on these forms because that is something we do not want at all. If we agree to it, meaning we restrict ourselves in some way and create a place inside of us where they can manifest, then we are ready to perceive these forms in our receiving desire, and then to understand how they are built and replicate them. This is talking about studying in spite of our desire, together with the desire and the mind, until we see how we can express and realize the Creator’s examples in practice on our own.

A long chain of actions lies between our willingness to receive an example and bringing it to life. And all of this is called “the Creator’s work” because we use the example we received and realize it ourselves by means of the force and the wisdom that also come from above.

Throughout this entire process we must only have the desire to advance—the desire we receive from the environment.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/11, Writings of Rabash

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