Corrected Means United

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first principle of upbringing: Nature is united and we are opposite to it.

Part one: Research of nature and society shows that we are all interconnected. People are a single organism or a single system inside of nature’s system.

Just as it befits the parts of a living body, so we should unite with one another above all the differences for the good of the whole body.

Today we are gradually discovering this and therefore we are calling humanity’s present state global and integral. It is global because in our days the interconnection among the world’s entire population is forcefully being revealed. Among all of its parts and in all of its differences, no matter what it is, the connection is being revealed as a necessary factor.

This is coming from the side of nature rather than our desire to be interconnected or not. It is simply a fact that from one day to the next we discover more and more ties among us.

A question arises: Did this connection exist before? Or were we disconnected before and now our interconnection has formed and is being expressed?

This question needs to be divided into two parts. On one hand, we are and always have been interconnected and are in total, perfect unity. This is our state relative to the Creator and it is not a criterion for measuring anything. This unity is called Infinity (Ein Sof): the state of Infinity, the world of Infinity, Malchut of Infinity. However, we are yet to reach it in our sensations.

Right now, we, all of humanity, are going through the levels of development. We have to modernize our interconnection at every moment. Throughout history we developed on the still, vegetative, and animate levels, until we attained the human level, and after that on the human level, we again went through the same sub-levels: still, vegetative, and animate, until reaching the modern era of the human degree on the human degree—the “human in man.”

That is how we have gone through the entire process of human preparation and have begun to develop the human in us. “The human in man” is the likeness of the Creator which we must acquire today. The likeness of the Creator is the same thing as the global, integral interconnection among all of us. Today we stand at the beginning of the phases of unification—unity that happens out of realization, awareness, and desire. That is how it has to be from our end.

That is why now we are not being assessed in relation to the world of Infinity, but in relation to how much we understand, realize, and are ready to take on the form of unity that nature or the Creator places before us. Don’t try to be a righteous man, regardless of how you envision this concept. You have to be corrected according to the conditions you are in. “Corrected” means united. There is just one thing we have to do—unite with one another.

On the path to unity we go through the phase of bestowal for the sake of bestowal (“Don’t do unto others what you yourself hate”) and then reception for the sake of bestowal (“Love your neighbor as yourself”). Yet the principle is unchanging: All of man’s upbringing lies in unifying with his neighbor.

Nature is becoming expressed as more and more global and therefore we must also be global and unite with it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/11

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