Confidence Is Revealed In Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we acquire confidence on the material level, including the economic, medical, and social realms?

Answer: These problems can only be solved by bestowal, with the help of the Light. If you want to be healthy and if you want to acquire immunity from the impending problems, then you have to live in a society that has the power of mutual guarantee.

If would seem: What is so special about these friends? What do they have? Bank accounts in Switzerland? Their own companies? A successful business? Or maybe they are all doctors, lawyers, bankers, and big experts in general? The fact is that they are nothing of the sort. But if they have the right, good connection, then you cannot beat them. They have total confidence. They receive such a “charge” from above that no one can use them selfishly or succeed more than them. That’s because they have fulfillment, unlike everyone else. Confidence is expressed only inside unity.

We even see this in our world: What is one person able to do? Even if you bring Schwarzenegger, and even if you have two people, or three, or a thousand, even if you dress them up in metal arms, will you be confident then? Today we do not have confidence in anything, including power. How many weapons can we keep producing? How much means do we have to protect ourselves? In the end, no matter how much we arm ourselves, this does not give us any confidence. The population only feels calmer.

For example, in Israel the people are periodically given out gas masks, although I heard that this time people do not even want to receive them so much. Everyone is already tired of this. People need confidence of a different sort.

What’s the use of having billions in a bank? Today this still means something, but the society of the future will have to take care of itself on different foundations, by the law of bestowal. Total bestowal among all its members will turn material worry about tomorrow into the calling of spiritual laws because people will not have any actual desire for this on the inside. Worry about the vital necessities will become an obligation for a person that is incumbent on him from above, like “observing a commandment.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/3/11 on Confidence

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