By Definition, We Cannot Understand Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanWithout correct definitions there is no common language. We seemingly use the same words, but each word has a completely different meaning for us. Let’s say that we started to teach a foreign language to someone, but gave arbitrary definitions for the words. Our student would begin speaking with someone, and neither would understand the other. As regular people, scientists and philosophers do not understand Kabbalists.

In general, this is the problem with all human relationships because each of us has our own particular definitions for the words. Usually, these differences are not significant, but, nevertheless, this is why it’s so difficult for us to communicate with each other.

Regarding the differences between the usual definitions accepted in science and philosophy and the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is absolutely no comprehension at all. It seems to people that they already know what the spiritual world and the Creator are. People feel that they do not need to change themselves to attain Him in their sensations. They do not understand that they perceive the whole world in their egoistic desire and that spiritual perception requires reaching similarity with that which is being studied.

Until we arrive at a common denominator here, it is impossible to talk. By definition, we do not understand each other. Scientists are smart people, but unfortunately, they use different definitions.

Kabbalah states that the perception of reality depends on the person, on his qualities, egoistic or altruistic. We perceive the whole of reality inside ourselves; nothing exists outside. Everything is relative.

It is difficult for scientists to agree with this. They do not have such prior assumptions before their studies; they do not need them. Science studies everything inside of the egoistic desire and does not come outside of that boundary. That is why they are not sensitive to such subtleties, being inside the desire, according to its size and qualities.

Furthermore, for them, everything is already apparent. They are inside one, small room and study things only inside of it. You might say, “But, I am studying things in the next room. One could come out of that room into another one, and study things there.” But they are perplexed: “Is there another room?” There is no need, understanding, or perception that such a thing could exist. That is why they consider Kabbalah a philosophy which is allegedly detached from reality. For them, science, studies, and facts are only here in our world.

In other words, in his development, a person has not yet come to perceive that there exists a reality higher than the one we perceive with our limited organs of perception. For this, the respective internal qualities are needed, the revelation within the person of the spiritual gene (Reshimo, reminiscence) so that he begins to agree, accept, and feel such definitions.

In reality, only blows are of help here. The Light hits the desire again and again, letting the person feel how he is thrown up and down. Thus, little by little, he begins to grasp that such a thing really can exist.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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