Ascending To The Breaking

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are states that all groups go through, including groups of children. We feel that we have attained a certain level of unity, and then our egoism grows and everything falls apart, and thus we lose confidence. How can we acquire it again?

Answer: This is a good state. We are advancing on the spiritual path together and uniting in order to acquire the spiritual world together. In other words, we unite our egoistic forces intending to break into spirituality and reach the Creator. We think that this is our initiative, that we are leading.

But then we begin revealing hatred, repulsion, and problems among us. That’s because we have to realize that we are incapable of bestowal, that we are egoists who do not wish to unite unless there is a goal standing before us that is clear to our egoism.

When setting out to unite, we talked and thought about spirituality, and studied it at the lessons. That is how we “ruined” ourselves because we attracted Light from there directly into our egoistic breaking, and due to the imbalance, the difference of qualities between the two, the breaking naturally developed. We revealed it.

That is when we have to understand that we have discovered the truth and have ascended from the material level to the level of the breaking. If now, at this level, we will begin uniting with each other by means of the same Light, then we will apply the method of correction and will reveal the spiritual reality inside the corrected Kelim. That is when we start making corrections, whereas until now there was simply nothing for us to correct because we united with our egoism, being happy at how much fun it was.

Every person who reaches the breaking and acts against his egoism must unite with the friends despite the repulsion. This is possible to do only with the help of the upper Light. It separated me from others and now I must feel that it reunites me with them. As soon as it does this in the smallest degree, I will begin to feel the spiritual world. After all, the connection between us is already spirituality.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/3/11 on Confidence

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