Analog (Upper) And Discrete (Lower) Systems Of Connection

Dr. Michael Laitman1. We are egoists and hence individualists, meaning that we think and comprehend only in a digital form. An analog thinking is whole, unified, and general; only the Creator possesses it. But He is approaching us, and thus we feel crises, resulting from the incompatibility between His and our models of existence (thinking, understanding, decision making, and behavior).

We do not have any other choice but to reach similarity between our systems, meaning to adapt ourselves to an analog system of existence. This means that we have to sense ourselves as one whole, as one man with one heart (desire), and love the other as thyself.

2. We can envision our future in the form of analog or discrete models. Our current state is egoistic and hence discrete, while the corrected one is analog, general. We have to build an analog system within ourselves from a discrete one. This model has to be both indirect and direct.

A direct analog system: We build it physically; we create the model of oneness of our future state in the form of conventions, gatherings of friends, by setting up child and adult study groups, and so on.

An indirect analog system: It is a mathematical system; we create something imaginary.

A digital (discrete) model is our step-by-step approach to the desirable, corrected final state by climbing the steps of the spiritual ladder. The size of a quantization step is dictated to everyone and to all from Above. That is, discontinuity is determined not by us, but by the manifestation of the new Reshimot (informational genes) in us.

It is determined from Above, by preserving the connection between a discrete step and the analog attainment of its result, meaning by considering the preservation and transfer of the information from a discrete step to an analog form of unity. In other words, the height of a step (its value) is defined by the opportunity to annul oneself before the upper one and the group in order to receive the strength to climb a degree.

3. A discrete form (digital) is pulse-like; changes happen in a leap-like fashion, in a form of a step curve. In our egoistic world, a discrete form is more comfortable, understandable for a visual calculation, registration, transfer, and remembering than an analog one, and it also rules out a subjective miscalculation of the reading.

Similarly, in atoms everything is quantized: The states change in a pulse-like manner. The information transfer in a living (vegetative or animate) world also occurs through discrete forms of chemical substances, macromolecules, which consist of thousands of atoms. It all results in qualitatively new features.

4. Provisional diagrams of the signals of  transition from one state to another:

analog connection_w

A – a signal is continuous (analog) both in terms of time and states;
B – a signal is discontinuous (pulse-like), discrete both in terms of time and states;
C – a signal is continuous in terms of states and discrete in terms of time;
D – a discrete signal, both in terms of states and time.

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