A Light Imprint From The Dark Negative

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe difficulty lies in the fact that a person has to start feeling the need to turn to the environment and ask for the greatness of the goal; otherwise, he won’t reach it. This act is regarded as “Lo Lishma” (not for Her Name) that everything begins with.

A person wants to reach the spiritual world and, having no other option, turns to the environment and seeks in it the greatness of the goal; if not, he will withdraw from the goal for good. Then he begins receiving all kinds of impressions from this greatness, although he first turns to them egoistically and doesn’t feel the need for the environment itself except for the goal. A person only wants to use the environment to reach the goal and for now doesn’t link the former with the latter.

But gradually, he begins to realize that the environment contains all his Kelim, desires, within which he attains the goal, the fulfillment. As he studies and the Light works on him, he begins to feel that the goal itself exists in those very desires which he received from the environment by having united with them. In other words, his bond with the others is the place where the Creator is revealed.

Then, the force of bestowal gradually awakes in his relations with the others, and he realizes that they are that same very Kli, the property of the Creator, thanks to which one becomes similar to Him. There, within these relations with the other people, a person and the Creator meet and become one whole by achieving adhesion.

Egoism that the Creator created as His reverse imprint within the desire must stay! In fact, above and in opposition to it, a person holds himself in the equivalence to the Creator. If he didn’t possess this reverse form, he wouldn’t be able to reach the property of bestowal and recreate himself in the image of the Creator.

Thus, attainment of the greatness of the Creator is our Kli, the soul of each of us, which we receive from the environment and within which we experience our spiritual life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/16/2011 on Attaining the Greatness of the Creator through the Environment

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