A Human Territory

Dr. Michael LaitmanTwo opposing forces act in nature, but it compels them to reach mutual balance at all levels. Everything strives for balance.

The only exception is the human degree. In some odd way, nature has left us a “free territory”: the human society. As it develops, it doesn’t come to balance, but on the opposite, it gets out of hand: People only wish destruction to each other.

Today we face enormous challenges. We are welded together, depend on each other, and thus everyone can trigger a catastrophic imbalance that will befall the entire human race.

But unlike during the previous levels of development, today we can create balance ourselves. Now, “the ball is in our court” so that we can reach balance with nature on “our territory,” independently. Nature gives you the opportunity to become a free, sound, sensitive person that is independent from their innate nature. If you still want to remain subject to your innate nature, you remain a beast.

You have a choice: either be ruled by nature or work yourself and fill the void. This is precisely where a person needs to fulfill his or her predestination and create an equilibrium that will complete all other imbalances.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/28/2011, The Principles of Global Education

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