A Child Looking For His Spiritual Parents

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe final result of our work is the establishment of the connection with the environment which becomes wider and stronger all the time, and this strengthens our bond. In the beginning I am just like a drop of semen that attaches itself to the wall of the womb. Then I develop by annulling my egoistic desire at the degrees of embryo-nurturing-adulthood of the first phase, that of an embryo. This is called the development in the three sections of the spiritual womb, whereby I rise from one section to the other.

Then I undergo the spiritual birth, meaning that I establish a new type of connection with the environment and begin to interact with the group consciously. I already check and analyze our relationships, try to make them more effective, as much as I am able to reveal my environment.

Indeed, the environment is always a degree higher than me. Depending on the stage of my development, it is either the mother’s womb for me, or the Mother (Ima), or the Mother and the Father (Abba ve Ima), or Arich Anpin. This is how I discover all the spiritual systems described in The Study of the Ten Sefirot, which become revealed in my increasingly stronger connection with the group.

And later I will reveal that it’s not just my current friends: The souls of the great Kabbalists of all generations also participate in the same group, who have already corrected themselves and join the same system, encircling us.

And if I previously judged everything “according to my own flaws,” now, as I advance, I value this group increasingly more. At each degree I undergo all the stages: embryo-nurturing-adulthood, that is, I first develop my upper part, GE, realizing my Reshimo (spiritual gene), and then AHP, until I complete my correction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/23/2011 Preparation for the WE! Convention

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