A Big War For A Little Person

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As I understood, you wish to turn mass media into educational resources as though every individual has to be schooled. But do you really think people will comply? As a matter of fact, they don’t like to study and prefer entertainment instead.

Answer: You simply don’t realize that while you are swallowing the information with which mass media are “entertaining” you, you are schooled indeed, but by a very bad school! You just don’t register it, but mass media do whatever they want with you. They reform you, which means that you are in their school, and it is educating you even more than you think!

You thought that there is no agenda behind them, no politics? Somebody pays for everything and defines in what key it will be presented. From dawn till dusk, people sit and think what the tone of the newspaper should be, what trend it should follow. And this regards all mass information. There is nothing that would be published just to entertain. Step into showbiz and you will see its policies and ties with the newspapers.

A little person doesn’t understand what huge wars are being fought for the right to control him or her. You are being thoroughly schooled day by day; they brainwash and modify you to the core.

This aim at changing a person should remain, but changing him for the better! All of us are the product of mass media, and look at our society, what we have come to. School is not only when I sit at the desk and stare at the teacher. Everything around us is a school, and all of it is arranged by someone, supported by some ideology.

Newspapers should keep being fun and interesting for the readers, but it has to have a good purpose. It requires great skill. It’s easy to photograph and publish murder scenes. It is much more difficult to present it so that a person wouldn’t want it to be repeated, which is against our egoism.

Harder yet it is to evoke in a person regret that this did happen so he might feel compassion, so that the media worked to truly connect people. The modern mass media cultivates man’s ego, everyone’s desire to feel pleasure. And we, on our part, must employ all our channels, use all our interrelations and our ties with the world to work on them, pouring the wisdom of Kabbalah through them.

And it’s alright if people don’t understand or listen, but one day, suddenly, it will start surfacing within them, and they will start talking about it themselves, clueless of whence these new thoughts came to them.

In other words, we need two things: The world ego must mature as quickly as possible, but our dissemination of Kabbalah must grow ahead of it! And when these two components, one’s great egoism and our influence aimed at bestowal, will link within each person, it will produce the right outcome.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/24/2011, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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