The Arrogant Do Not Learn

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is written that the head of the lower Partzuf gets clothed in the body of the upper Partzuf. What does it mean “to get clothed in the upper one”?

Answer: The “body” of the upper one is his actions, work above desires, while the “head” is decision making. The lower one cannot accomplish anything with his “head,” at his degree. It is written: “From your actions, I shall know You.” In other words, the lower one has to include itself into the “body” of the upper Partzuf.

And when he learns what the upper one does by example, while repeating his actions, only then does he start to understand what the upper one meant to tell him. Until you have done what the upper one told you to do, you won’t understand what he is saying.

It isn’t by any means some thoughtless, animate action when you are required to do what the upper one says; you have to do it so that you may learn! Look how children copy what grownups do: They imitate our behavior without understanding their meaning. When a child is given a plastic hammer and nails, he doesn’t know what to do with them. But he sees how you hammer the nails and does the same, from which he begins to comprehend what it means.

One can’t learn otherwise. We must keep this in mind while designing education programs: Teaching can be successful only if we teach by example. We see that the cause originates in the spiritual roots and is embedded into nature during the expansion of Partzufim (descending of the connection of souls) from Above downward.

The mind given to the lower one is necessary solely in order to be able to copy the actions of the upper one. The head of the lower Partzuf must work only in such form. If the lower one’s head looks up to model and perform his actions by those of the upper one, the lower one is destined to succeed. But if he thinks that he can use his own head to judge, make decisions, and do something, he is headed for failure.

He will think that he is at the degree when he can do something on his own. But all of the acts take place in the “body” of the upper one. If the lower one is smart enough to cancel his intelligence, reason, he ascends and receives wisdom, the mind of the upper one.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. If there is no end, our only test is having the humility to know there is more to learn.

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