Make Us Desire!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhom does the Creator, the Upper Force, the omnipotent property of bestowal, Nature, help? It helps those who desire to be like it.

It comes to people who “trust in her mercy,” meaning anticipate to receive correction and obtain the property that governs Nature: the property of bestowal. The property called “the upper grace” comes specifically to those who have reached such desire.

Essentially, everything is done according to a person’s desire. I have to work on mine so as to have it changed and improved until I truly wish to bestow. Then, I will acquire the property of bestowal. Therefore, we should constantly think only about desire.

Truth be told, I cannot really start wanting a new desire to bestow. If I did want it, I would already be in it. After all, besides desire, there is nothing else; hence, to want to bestow is to be the one who bestows. As to bestowal, a person immediately receives what he wishes for to the corresponding degree.

However, we keep moving from receiving desire to the bestowing one by wishing to bestow not seriously, but just for fun. Therefore, our work always comes down to a plea to make us desire to bestow. Then, we receive the desire to bestow followed by an opportunity to actualize this property.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/26/2011, Writings of Rabash

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