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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is true love and is it really possible?

Answer: By design, we are so unique and complex that we cannot truly love a spouse, our parents and children, people around us, humanity, or the Creator unless it is all tied into a single whole!

We are developing in such fashion that our nature won’t let us love only one particular individual. A person thinks that he loves his children, wife, and maybe some other people, but in the end, he isn’t succeeding with any of them. He sees that something constantly breaks, crushes, and he runs into walls, with all of his desire to love. But why is it so?

The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals this secret to us by saying that love can be only absolutely perfect and general. If you don’t love all, you won’t be allowed to feel love for any individual. This means that you must love everything there is: the Creator, humanity, the world, those who are close and dear, and those who are distant, all as one whole. This is the only way to achieve love. Otherwise, it is impossible. I am sorry I have to tell you this, but it’s true.

Besides, we think that love is something very exalted, something heavenly. In truth, love is a beast; it is something very simple: the act of unification of “flesh with flesh.” But if we wish to raise this beast that lives among us and is called “love,” then we have to feed it with something called “mutual concessions.”

I yield to you, thereby feeding our love, and it gets “thicker.” Then you yield to me, and our love grows. Since we are all egoists, concessions are the only action that can help us cultivate love.

We have to learn to concede! There are only two principles to love: the first one is to build love on concessions, and the second is that love can be only all-inclusive, and then each individual love will also come true.
From Talk with Arkadi Duchin 12/22/10

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  1. What is true love?

    Many of us associate this with our beloved, whom we care for, whom we cannot imagine our life without. We love our friends, we love our spouse, children, parents & even our pets.

    Have we ever fallen in love with god?

    Many of us would question, how is that possible? HE is the supreme lord and there is no way such relationship is possible between us & god.

    Think this way that you love your friends, your spouse, your children or your parents because they love you and care for you. If they don’t love you or care for you, would you still love them?

    On the other hand, GOD loves you, cares for you but we still don’t love him. We pray HIM because we feel that HE is above us. Because if we put HIM in same category as us than we have to put ourselves a category below. We are very clever, we tell him that we will pray you, we will sing your praises, we will put you on top our head, we will fight with others in your name BUT we will NEVER love you. YOU still have to fulfill our desires, our wishes and our demands. Think this way, that if you love your father, can he say no for anything to you? Inspite of all this, our GODLY father always loves us and HE never disappoint HIS children.

    Let’s try & analyze a situation, why we are unable to love god.

    Have you ever observed yourself? Many of us would think, what kind of a crazy question is this. Have you ever tried to talk to yourself? Have you ever loved your own company?

    A lot of people relate loneliness with sadness or kind of a pain because none of us like our own company, if we are alone we want to be busy either watching TV, surfing net or chating or talking on the phone. Lonliness might remind you of depression and yet a very deep silence and peace. If you’re away from all your loved ones, consider it as a great opportunity to be alone, a time to reconnect to yourself, a time to fall in love with yourself. Consider it as an opportunity to having your own space. It ‘s very difficult to have your own space and, unless you have your space, you will never become familiar with your being, you will never know who you are.

    However it might be difficult to love yourself because deep inside your heart you know very well, who you are. You may hide your REAL YOU from the world, from your loved ones but you cannot hide from yourself.

    When we are alone we miss the people, we love but we need to remember that they will not last for ever. And if you start loving yourself and go deep inside you, you will be able to love even more because who does not know himself can not love deeply.

    Therefore, consider loneliness as an opportunity or a blessing, enjoy it: Because you are able to find yourself you will be able to find GOD, who is sitting inside you.

    If you fall in love with yourself, you will fall in love with HIM and that is true love…

    Stay blessed!

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