The Final Assembly

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe do not know in advance what and how to correct, how to assemble ourselves into an integrated system created in the world of Infinity. After all, the Creator wishes for us to be independent so that a person would find the correct formula of mutual integration through his own efforts and experience.

Like little children, we try to connect divided parts, put them together, and take them apart again. Correction and breaking replace one another, and thanks to these efforts we come closer to an understanding that will assure our success.

All in all, four attempts are expected of us because our will to receive consists of four levels of thickness (Aviut). At each of them, we attempt to assemble ourselves, discover our inability to do so, and disassemble the parts in order to start over. Wisdom comes with the experience of errors: First we have to discover the entire depth of the breaking and hatred between us, and then we begin to comprehend what to do with them.

Today, we are facing the last, fourth assembly. We have to find for ourselves the method of correction. But this time, the entire global system is taking part in this process, and we must realize the method on the global scale.

Today, we are unifying over enormous egoism, above the deepest abyss of breaking, hatred, and rejection. According to this magnitude, we discover the power of the method which will allow us to unite again by way of the force that had been planted into Nature and that holds the broken parts together.

It is not we who will link the parts with one another. Our job is solely to be prepared for it and to discern the methods of assembly, the place of each part, and the form of its correct integration in the collective whole.

Our work has just begun. This work is unique, and it leads a person to unprecedented evolution. It is a true challenge.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, Shamati #161

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