The Right To Serve The Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanHow do we succeed on the spiritual path? There are no other means except greater unification. We must make unity of the highest importance and see it as the only means.

We know that our choice lies solely in being strengthened by and unifying with the environment. We exalt the environment in our eyes and lower ourselves before the friends and the goal. Every action must be grounded in intention: Why am I doing this? How strong is my effort in uniting with the friends? Are we creating the Kli (vessel), the place where the Light will be revealed? In truth, by assisting the group in this endeavor, we implement the principle, “We shall do, and we shall hear.” We can do it. We may not want to, and may feel appalled by it, but we still can bestow smiles and gifts to each other, be courteous, and participate in the collective cause, even without the desire to do so.

We organize everything ourselves, including the Conventions. Even if we had unlimited resources, we would still be doing everything ourselves. In this case, what matters is the collective effort, and indeed, people are arriving from all over the world to work together. Only this kind of preparation will bring us success.

This is what we offer as our “gifts,” where together we prepare all that is necessary, without depending on anyone or wishing to relinquish our participation to outsiders. So important is this opportunity to reach internal oneness by means of external work, that we don’t concede it nor forfeit anything we can do by ourselves to anyone. After all, this is the means to achieving our unity.

In the last two days before the World Kabbalah Convention begins, we have been given a unique opportunity to serve each other. Don’t miss this chance, since the success of the entire enterprise depends and is founded on it. This is the real unification, for this is how we “buy” the friends. I make an effort for them and they do the same for me, and together we raise the collective Kli.
From the lesson on Rabash’s letter on 11.07.2010

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  1. This is great, I also like the rhyme at the end.

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