Most Importantly, Be Together With Us!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I suddenly found out that most of my friends will be attending the Convention in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. And I am staying in my local city together with two beginners. How many people have to get together in order to create the interesting situation that you describe with such optimism?

Answer: Two.

Question cont’d: Does quantity matter?

Answer: Quality is more important.

Question cont’d: Of course, we will make every effort we can to be connected with the central Convention in Israel. After a discussion with my friends, we all liked the following idea: by focusing our thoughts on one thing simultaneously (having agreed on it ahead of time), we want to cause some external, physical event that is not connected to us in any way. In other words – a miracle.

The purpose of this miracle is to be sure that we really are thinking about the same thing simultaneously, and obviously, to give more power to our union. Do you have any advice about this? Maybe there already exist ways to do this? What external effect should we choose so it won’t collide with the will to receive too harshly?

My firm advice: Get together, follow our Convention, repeat everything just like we do it, think together and eat together with us, as if you are among us in every way, with your body and soul (or rather, as if you are without a body), but most importantly, be together with us in your thoughts.

That is the only way you will increase your desire with the help of others and will receive an answer from Ohr Makif. Other exercises, such as meditation, are psychology and training in the plane of our world, and it won’t bring you to any place higher than that. Good luck!

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