The Effect Of The Critical Mass

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the Convention how can we overcome the psychological barriers barring us from unity?

Answer: The Convention is not just a small or large group, but unity that is bound by the common force. It’s possible to win by quantity or by quality. After reaching a certain quantitative level, the mass becomes the determining factor. No matter how weak the people are and how little they understand, and even if they don’t really agree with each other, if they unite, then every person is influenced by the mass. He feels the force that comes from quantity, and it becomes the quality that influences him.

When I am among 7000 people who are inspired by the goal, I am connected with them because we are together in the common system of souls. Therefore, regardless of my desire, they influence me.

Unity among a great number of people at the Convention creates pressure that begins to work of its own accord. By becoming included into this unity, a person is under the power of society and therefore he does not have to work on lowering himself in relation to the environment. He simply unites with everyone in one desire. Even if this desire is not completely clear to him, the common goal unites him with other people and makes up for the disagreements, conflicts, and lack of understanding.

That is how quantity operates, absorbing all the problems of unity. Then, depending on the force of our unity, we will feel the Upper Light. It is contained inside the connection between us; that is the only place where we have to reveal it. The unified Kli exists on all levels with all the Lights fulfilling the desire as a ready-made ladder. Therefore, everything depends only on whether I am included in this degree or not. If I am ready to unite with the force of a particular degree, then I become included in it as if entering through a gate, and thus I feel the spiritual world: the common unity, the Light that fills everyone, the Creator. To the degree I gain awareness, I see the world from end to end, seeing the World of Infinity on the first degree out of 125 degrees.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/5/10, Writings of Rabash

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