All The Success Comes From The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a wonderful opportunity opening up before us. We see from one Convention to the next that none of them is anything like the others. Today we have reached a special state and we are given special help from Above.

From the moment the group formed, we have systematically observed how the Creator advances and safeguards it. Day by day, year by year, we attain greater achievements. Could we really succeed on our own on such a grand, global scale, not knowing any steps we take ahead of time?

Throughout all of history no one has done “what we are doing.” To date no one has yet taken on the corrections that “we are trying to make.” Indeed, we are receiving so much help from Above that I never cease being surprised: How did we merit such wonderful treatment?

We are given the opportunity to carry out enormous spiritual corrections, and even in the material sense to hold truly colossal meetings and conventions that are attended by thousands of people, to translate our own TV channels, to disseminate through the mass media, and to develop educational programs in different languages.

The Creator is preparing us. Everything we have attained thus far was from Him. And now He is helping us to prepare for the Convention that “we are hosting” in order to reveal Him. Let us hope that we will be worthy of it and He will cease being concealed and will become revealed to us.
From the lesson on Shamati on 11/5/10


  1. He wants to know if we love him or not.

    This wonderful group has striven to keep back at all costs all the corrupted forms of the group that have occurred in the past (religion, cults, politics, war) . Do you not think the creator went to the nations of the world as well offering the Torah? Better yet has He ever stopped for a second offering it to everyone, constantly? Only Israel would have it, and that is why he loves us. We TRUTHFULLY are aware of how many collapse into themselves and become thieves, false prophets, vampires. We know death is better than this corruption, and thus we have merit. For what it is worth, only a single sperm makes it to the egg, to create the next world…This wonderful group is the lead, the one that will create LIFE!

    We have no idea how alone He must feel (Maybe they are coupled as one though…parents get lonely too) and to have a child must bring Him such great joy (because now there is a place to share the abundance of ein sof)

    Even now, Even here, this too is an answer. Every single instant, every grain of sand, every star and planet. Find one place where He is not, He has no Name, and No end.

  2. lolishma to lishma,there is no other path…

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