We Are Waiting For You At The Convention!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Before the Convention many people complain that everything around them suddenly breaks including household appliances and furniture, objects fall out of their hands and break, or crumble right in their hands.

One gets the impression that the material world starts to disintegrate. Is this really related to the Convention that is approaching?

Answer: Of course there is pressure, discernment of the goal, a desire for it, its assessment, the realization of the price I have to pay for my goal, whether my friends correspond to this it, and so on.

However, this is a wonderful time. You should read about how people came out of Egypt: in fear, hurriedly, accompanied by the blows that came down on Pharaoh (egoism), and it happened in the dark.

Question: How should we relate to our friends from the past who used to be with us and left? Maybe we now have an excuse to contact them and invite them to rejoin us?

Answer: The Convention is a gathering of “points in the heart” from the whole world. Precisely now we all have a unique chance to create a single common Kli.

Many people were together with us physically and virtually for many years, participating in the work of the worldwide Kabbalistic group. Regardless of the reasons for their temporary distancing, we would be very happy to see all of them at the Convention.

Everyone who has ever been with us, who has embarked on the path of studying Kabbalah, are dear and close to us.

We are waiting for you! See you at the Convention!

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  1. I will be there for sure with the help ofGod Almighty.

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