The Miracle Of “Coming Out Of Egypt”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe exodus from Egypt happens like a miracle because the Light of GAR de Hochma which comes from Partzuf Atik works above the nature of the Second Restriction. That’s why it allows us to go from the state of “Egypt,” which is ruled by the will to enjoy, to the state where we can decide for ourselves that we desire to be under the rule of Bina. This is already the beginning of the “Sinai desert.”

In essence, this is the sign that we have come out of Egypt. On our own, we are unable to come out from the rule of our ego; only this enormous Light creates a passageway for us, raising us above the will to enjoy. It helps a person to separate from certain qualities of his egoistic desire, and from that moment on, a person runs away from “Egypt,” from the qualities that hold him inside the intention of “for his own sake,” which deprive him of the opportunity to attain “for the sake of bestowal.” And that is impossible in Egypt itself.

When GAR de Hochma appears, it works like a projector that illuminates a person’s desires so he sees which of them are really so bad that he cannot avoid touching them. This is called an “escape;” a person rises above them and is already protected from using them.

The Light of GAR de Hochma severs these desires like a knife and they no longer come in a person’s way since they are buried inside of him. Of course, later on they will reawaken in order to be corrected, and then a person will reveal all sorts of problems until he comes out of “Egypt” completely.

However, all of this happens by virtue of the Light of GAR de Hochma, which illuminates and clarifies our desires, allowing us to rise above them, to correct them or to use them partially.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/27/10, The Zohar

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