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Dr. Michael LaitmanMutual guarantee is a special space between us, our common desire. All spiritual revelations take place there. And if there is no such space, there is no common desire, but only our individual egoistic desires. We construct this common space to the degree that I annul myself and enter this collective desire, you annul and put yourself there as well, and so does everybody else. Otherwise, it does not exist!

The vessel into which we can receive the Light is not ready-made; we have to build it, we have to aspire to oneness. By cultivating our unity, from 0 to 125 degrees, we perceive, at each degree, a new picture, a greater revelation of the Creator. All “sacred” books (the Torah, The Zohar, etc.) tell us exactly about this: the degrees of the connection we create by turning our evil and rejection of each other into love and unity. Thus, the entire Torah is comprised of stories that describe how we unfold and correct the evil.

We feel our world in the “place of unification” as its absence; we feel our separation and not the Creator, the One. Yet, even this world resides in that very “place” between us with one difference: Here, we reveal the degree of our broken oneness and absence of the Creator.

Meanwhile, unity acts similar to a resistor which connects plus and minus. Inside it, my ego, my rejection of all others, is concealed. But above it, I make an effort to unite. By doing so, I create resistance between rejection and exertion. And the greater the difference, the resistance between them (“faith above reason”), the greater Light is revealed.

The same law applies to electronics and the spiritual world. Ultimately, all Nature consists of “plus” and “minus” or the forces of bestowal and reception. The only way to connect them together is through a resistor, which could be any receiver. This receiver is Adam that we are constructing: our soul.

Therefore, on one hand, we have the breaking force, and on the other, the force of our effort in creating unity. But it doesn’t annul the breaking; we unite exactly above it! As a result, we create a space where the Light that expands from the two lines, plus and minus, is able to work and start affecting us. Through this work, we build ourselves: “human reality.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. Dear Rav,
    Obviously we have our individual egoistic desires for the goal, hence we are brought together to engage in Kabbalah. Nevertheless, our mere coming together in that way is not sufficient to unite us enough that the Light will act upon and correct us. But we remain together for years, studying and partaking in various group and individual activities that you and Kabbalists recommend and prescribe to us as best as we understand and can implement them. And the anguish, frustration, and confusion we encounter in striving to do what is recommended should bring us to scream out for help from Creator.
    Why are still unable to deeply yell out the scream which I feel exist already in all the frustrations, anguish and confusions that we feel daily be it with struggling to maintain intention during lessons or trying to figure out what to do in accordance with your advises; what are we missing or lacking to really scream and how can we work to get it?

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