An Abode In The World Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is written about the holiday of Sukkot: “Come out of your permanent home and dwell in a temporary abode.” Do you believe that a sane person can leave a secure and comfortable home and move to a temporary hut?

Answer: We will be compelled to change our egoistic dwelling despite our wishes anyway. No matter how solid your home seems right now, everyone knows that it is temporary, and we will all move to another, permanent place.

But Kabbalah invites a person to “come out of your permanent dwelling” that seems to be so reliable and move to a “temporary” one in advance. Our egoism pictures our world as permanent, but studying Kabbalah reveals a different relationship between the worlds: The world of bestowal is permanent because a person actually unites with the Creator and attains eternity and perfection in the World of Infinity.

We, like little children, are attached to our current dwelling; we are afraid of moving away from it, leaving our favorite toy. Even as adults we have a problem giving up our current views and looking at the world differently. The difference between a permanent and a temporary dwelling is that with the help of a new environment, I’m trying to separate from the previous environment, our “permanent home.”

In my previous environment, I was under pressure from the media, the opinions of co-workers and neighbors; I was obligated to be and think like everyone else. I was dependent on a multitude of factors that defined my “permanent dwelling”; I owed everyone and ran around like everybody else. Everyone understands and agrees with this.

But then the permanent dwelling turns out to be like a concentration camp for me and I can’t escape! I begin to see outside of myself and how this permanent life is actually temporary, and that it will end soon. Under a new influence from books and the opinion of the group, I gradually leave this “rat race” called life and see the “permanent dwelling” (state) in the Upper Light, in its absolute rest, in this world and the next one, now.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/10, Baal HaSulam, Letter 51

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  1. Looks like Kabalah is radiating allover the world (this time) welcoming people come out of permanent dwelling, was it a honest earlier try 2000years ago, when the Torah get translated into greek? And what garantee is there this time it not end up as a new world religion?

  2. Being out of one’s permanent or familiar place is indeed a great and wonderful thing. However, the ‘temporary’ and unfamiliar place is a grate ‘tease’ that often leaves one with great anguish and yearning for more, for permanency.

    How can one effectively contain, deal and cope with such a state; and could one utilize the great anguish and yearning to advance and if so how and what must one do?

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