What Is The Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: You said that the material is the desire to enjoy, while the spiritual is the connection between the desires. If so, what is the Creator?

My Answer: The Creator is what you reveal within your actions. You reveal the general force of love and bestowal to the extent that you perform acts of love and bestowal yourself. Then, in your actions, you reveal the inner force which is called the Creator (Bore in Hebrew) which means Come and See (Bo – Come, Re – See).

Our attainment happens solely through the principle of “From Your actions, I shall know You.” When through all my actions from below upward, I attain the force that fulfills me, which is love and bestowal, I attain the Creator.

When does a small baby begin to recognize his mother? He receives a certain impression from her actions. Yet, he reveals nothing from this impression, but merely feels that somebody cares for him. By starting to react to her and repeat the actions that she wants him to rather than doing what he wants to do, he begins to attain her. In essence, his entire upbringing comes down to this.

In this same way, we attain the Upper One, the Creator. I perform actions in accordance with the Reshimot (spiritual genes) that arise within me. This is called “From Your actions,” and thus, “I shall know You.”

Why is it “Your actions?” After all, they are my actions, aren’t they? No, the Creator has given me the Reshimot. He has given me the desire, the group, and the environment as well as the strength to perform these actions. That is why, after every action, I say, “These are Your actions.” However, through these actions that have passed through me, albeit with my participation and desire, I come to know You (the Creator).

Who is it that comes to know You? There is a certain point of my free will called my own “I.” I have triggered these actions from You, and thus, I come to know You. From Your actions, I come to know You. Within me, there is an “I” that comes to know You. The actions are His, but the attainment is mine.

From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/2/10, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  1. Dear Rav,
    How can the child overcome the pull to “do what he wants to do rather than to do what his mother wants him to do” and why is the possibility for him NOT to do as his mother wants him to built in even though the child doesn’t yet have the mind (or sense or awareness) or does he, to choose? In other words, how can we properly respond to and deal with the Reshimot that is constantly unfolding (and I suppose manifesting physically as well in our daily lives in various ways) in accordance to how Creator itself wants us to, especially but not particularly now that we are preparing for the Mega congress?
    Thank you.

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