Answers To Your Questions, Part 16

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Following is a quote from an article by Rabash. “Then the Creator said to him (Abraham): you should not regret that you do not work with uncircumcised people. Now, after circumcision, you have a similarity in qualities, and hence I can reveal myself to you.”

Is the circumcision the First or the Second Restriction? Also, what does “reveal” mean? Is it a connection between friends or a true desire for bestowal with an altruistic foundation as opposed to an egoistic one?

My Answer: Circumcision is the Second Restriction. As it is written, “Cut off the edge of your heart.” This means do not work with the egoistic desires (extremities) that will only become corrected at the end of correction, Gmar Tikkun.

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