The Whole World Is Not A Bitter Radish

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can remain either in the quality of reception or in the quality of bestowal and fulfill them both. Basically, only two forces govern the Universe, two forces of nature: the forces of reception and bestowal. One of them, the force of reception, is already in us because we were born with it, so we consider it to be natural.

But in reality, there is nothing more natural than the quality of bestowal. Yet, it isn’t in us; therefore, it seems un-natural to us; it seems as something artificial that has no relation to reality. Yet still, the only real existence is in the quality of bestowal because all of creation, except our world, lives in it. Only we live in this tiny, locked, imaginary space in the quality of reception.

Due to the fact that this space is closed and isolated from all the worlds and the Creator, we think that nothing exists beyond it. Like a worm who lives in a radish and believes that the entire world is just like the radish, we don’t see beyond our world. The foolish worm doesn’t understand that there is a big, luminous, sweet, and beautiful world outside of the radish. And neither do we.

This is why we must comprehend that the quality of reception in which we reside is miniscule and limited. It is given to us in order to know its opposite, the quality of bestowal.

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  1. Dear Dr. Laitman: thank you for all that you have done in opening this world to me.

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