The Reward Is The Light That Reforms

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Are the efforts I make my spiritual reward?

My Answer: The reward is the screen and the Light that Reforms. We cannot measure and evaluate our efforts. We must have the screen and the Light that Reforms. They are the only things we have to obtain. Everything else you can have in abundance, take it!

The Light that Reforms is the permit to receive. Much like a theatre ticket which allows entrance to a particular show, the Light that Reforms allows one to take a specific portion. According to the amount of this Light that appears in you, you will be filled, and merged with the Creator and the abundance that exists in the entire creation.

Take it all, but only in the measure of the Light that Reforms. Therefore, your reward is the Light that Reforms. Everything else we don’t need to earn. The Upper Abundance will fill our spiritual vessels (Kelim), the will to receive, but only when we obtain the Light that Reforms.

However, I need fulfillment not in order to receive pleasure, but in order to examine and measure how much I bestow. Even though my fulfillment gives me tremendous satisfaction, it is still measured in the Light of bestowal, the Light that Reforms.

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