Who Should Be Saved First?

Laitman_400A question I received: I heard that you are getting more involved with inner dissemination and work on building a system of virtual (Internet) connection that will allow those who pursue spiritual growth to stay connected, develop, and to receive reminders and programs for their spiritual development.

What about other people who have never heard about the possibility of salvation and have never been exposed to the idea that suffering is here to help us correct ourselves and attain the Light and bliss? Aren’t you cutting them off?

My Answer: We are not slowing down the pace of external dissemination. But consider the following example: We are on board a plane and a flight attendant announces an emergency landing. She reminds us to first put our own oxygen masks before we put them on our children, which could be construed as a cruel requirement.

Here we are in “a plane crash situation” and we must put oxygen masks on ourselves before our children can take a breath of air (Light). Instead of doing so, we try to put oxygen masks on the children first, and don’t think about our imminent death. But will our children stay alive if we collapse first? There is no chance. They can only survive together with us.

Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Items 66-71 that dissemination of Kabbalah should radiate in waves from the center, from those who are interested in Kabbalah to those who are completely indifferent. All people are connected into a single soul of Adam. If those who have a point in the heart (are interested in the revelation of the Creator) build the spiritual connection among themselves and discover the Creator in it, then everybody will begin to feel that we have acquired the Upper Force and wisdom. It will then attract them to us and the Source.

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  1. Thank you so much. I’ve battled with the internal/external dilemma all of my life and this helps me to continue working, but in a different way. The progression has moved consistently onward and I can see from a new point.


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