The First Encounter With The Light

Laitman_100_01A Question I Received: Could you describe your first spiritual experience, the first encounter with the Upper Light? What is this feeling like?

My Answer: The first spiritual experience is common for all because in general, people go through the same states. When a person first encounters the Light, he or she feels that the whole world is filled with love, like one warm force without any limitations. It is a warm and kind sensation, and the whole world is perceived that way. A person sees the usual world around him, yet feels that the air has become thicker, warmer, and gentler. There is a sensation of being treated softly and gently.

Such is the first spiritual sensation that comes to a person. As a rule, one forgets about it. Regardless, it occurs in order to give a person some proof and support, to build new vessels of perception (Kelim) within the person, making advancement possible.

After this first spiritual experience, which is given to a person from Above, one must exert great effort in order to achieve the same sensation independently. Later, sensations that are a billion times stronger follow. However, one will already dominate over them, understand them, and work with these sensations.

All of these impressions, starting with the very first one, are felt by a person within the developing point in the heart. It is inside the spiritual vessel of perception (Kli) rather than within the bounds of physiological or psychological phenomena.

From the 8th lesson at the World Zohar Convention 5/9/10

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