You Need Only to Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Is it possible to raise MAN before despair sets in?

My Answer: Then it wouldn’t be called MAN. MAN is Mayin Nukvin (waters of Nukva). It is the cry of our desire, which is incapable of achieving anything by itself. Thus it has to ascend to Bina, the quality of bestowal, the Creator.

MAN is a double interpenetration between Malchut and Bina. The Hebrew word “Maim” (water – singular form of Mayin) consists of two Hebrew letters “Mem” (“Mem – Mem”) and the word “Nukvin” is composed of the two Hebrew letters “Nun” (“Nun – Nun”). There is a connection between Malchut and Bina because during the breaking of the Kelim Bina included Malchut in herself and part of Malchut was included in Bina. Due to this connection between Malchut and Bina, we can raise our requests to the Creator.

This can be illustrated with the analogy of a child crying and demanding from his mother. His mother responds to his demands. Why is it that another woman would not be as receptive to his requests?  The child has a strong connection with his mother that does not exist between him and any other woman. The child was inside the mother, he has a “place” in her; she is his root. She has a part of the child in her. The child, too, has a part of the mother since he was connected to her through an umbilical cord. This connection between them cannot be severed. The child, when he has a demand, cries to his mother, his root.

The demand you make to the Creator called MAN flows through the connection between Malchut and Bina. Your demand stems from the realization that you are utterly powerless; it brings you to the kind of cry that we could really call MAN. MAN is your correct desire, which is necessarily answered by the Upper One. The Upper One waits for you to desire the state that He has prepared for you.

These degrees, your future states, are already prepared because you’ve descended from them into this world. Now you need to ascend back up through the same degrees. Your next degree is already waiting for you. You only need to desire that which is found there waiting for you. This desire is what is called MAN. If you don’t desire the same thing that awaits you, then you won’t receive it. There must be similarity and equivalence between the degree and the desire. If you desire something else other than the awaiting spiritual degree, then wait until the right desire forms within you. This is how we advance.

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