Make The Moment Last Forever

Dr. Michael Laitman The Creator’s goal is to raise man to His level. What does this mean? We perceive our lives within the will to enjoy, which was created by the Creator. This quality is the only thing that exists outside of Him, which is why we always feel lack of fulfillment. We always lack something and aspire to some kind of pleasure. But the Light that comes to the will to enjoy immediately disappears. It nullifies the desire, and the desire does not feel fulfillment.

Therefore, because we perceive our life inside the desire for pleasure, our life is perceived as temporary and transient, where everything disappears. Every moment goes by and disappears, instead of remaining and becoming supplemented by every subsequent moment. On one hand there is the desire, and on the other hand – the pleasure. When the two meet, they are neutralized, even if the pleasure is minimal.

That is why our entire life is built out of these tiny point encounters between the desire (Kli) and the Light, which immediately disappear. And this continues until our life comes to an end. For example, suppose you have a quota of desire – several million small portions of the will to enjoy, which become revealed one after the other. Opposite each one of these portions, there is Light which brings that portion fulfillment. Then they meet – and disappear. Once you exhaust your quota, your life is over, and your whole existence along with it.

However, if over the course of these encounters of the desire and the Light, you were able to attain a state where the Light and the desire “catch” each other and remain together, then you begin to feel Light that is perceived inside the desire as eternal, endless life. That’s because the previous moment stays with you as well. You then ascend above the sensation of time. You stop the moment and acquire eternal existence! This is the entire patent of spiritual life, which is eternal and perfect. This is what one can attain by applying the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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